i am a blogger, media researcher and educator.

i am also a radical journalist, photographer, poet, hacktivist, sovietologist, pan-africanist, black power comrade, communist, third-wave feminist, internationalist, bibliophile, intergroup dialogue specialist, protester, organizer, audiophile, archivist, chess player, folk-music enthusiast, sound recordist, podcaster, documentarian, generalist, peacenik, irreligious, atheist, anti-imperialist, and an ally to causes and concerns of the lgbtq, the disabled, the illegal immigrants, the dalits, the refugees, and the freedom fighters of palestine and kashmir.

i love to play tennis and chess, i am adept at cooking variety of dishes and i collect rare stamps, coins and pokemon cards. i am spoilt with love from my parents and friends; i am a proud husband and a doting father; i was born in orissa, india and i currently live in new york city.

my thoughts, my words, everything that i believe in my life, are not entirely original, definitely not entirely mine. indeed, they are derived from, and hence belong to the entire world – past, present and its future. there is nothing so personal in my life that is not shaped by the political worldviews i have subscribed to or refuted. hence, this blog is copyleft, not copyrighted. feel free to distribute contents to fellow travelers for education, agitation, and organization towards an alternative world.

this is my blog.
and this is more about me.